Data Analytics Real World Projects using Python

Start your Data Analytics Career with Python by solving Real-world case-studies ! Improve your Data Science skills !

Python-Introduction to Data Science and Machine learning A-Z

Python basics Learn Python for Data Science Python For Machine learning and Python Tips and tricks

Statistical Thinking and Data Science with R.

R from A-Z! Statistics, Advanced Regression,Visualizations, Probabilities, Inference, Simulations and Machine learning.

Power BI Essentials

Create stunning interactive reports and data visualizations..., and share amazing insights!

Ultimate Python Bootcamp For Data Science & Machine Learning

Learn How To Code Python For Data Science, ML & Data Analysis, With 100 Exercises and 4 Real Life Projects !

The Complete Intro to Machine Learning with Python

Hands-on Machine Learning boot-camp with Python, Numpy, Pandas, Regression, Decision Trees, Neural Networks, and more!

Beginners Course on Power BI with Azure DevOps (ADO)

Basic Course which shows you step by step approach to connect your Azure DevOps data from Power BI

Understanding Key DAX functions in POWER BI

This course helps is you to deal with the important DAX functions that are useful in day to day reporting development.

Kubeflow Fundamentals - How To Build ML/AI Pipelines

Learn Kubeflow by Example with Machine Learning - Deploy ML AI Pipelines on Google Cloud Platform - Kubernetes & AWS

Applied Machine Learning| 3 Real-World Projects using Python

Build 3 Real World Practical Projects and Go from Zero to Hero in Machine Learning by following Entire Life-cycle of ML

Natural Language Processing Real World Use-cases in Python

Learn how to use NLTK , scikit-Learn , sentiment analysis & many more to conduct to solve Real World Problems of NLP

Data Analytics with Excel PivotTables

Step by Step, easy to comprehend guide on how to use Excel PivotTables with examples

Big Data on Amazon web services (AWS)

Learn About Building out Scalable, Resilient Big Data Solutions Using Various Services on AWS Cloud Platform

Statistics and Probability using Excel - Statistics A to Z

Statistics course for beginners. Gain the ability to apply Statistics & Probability to various business applications

Pyomo Bootcamp: Python Optimization from Beginner to Advance

Guide for building optimization probelm (operation research) in Pyomo Jupyter and solve it using CPLEX, Gurobi and IPOPT

RA: Supply Chain Applications with Python: Inventory.

Use Python & Dash to Make A cloud based Inventory Application from Scratch! Take decisions Real time.

Statistical Thinking and Data Science with R.

R from A-Z! Statistics, Advanced Regression,Visualizations, Probabilities, Inference, Simulations and Machine learning.

Data Science Real-World Use Cases - Hands On Python

Solve 3 real Business Problems, Build Robust AI, Ml , NLP and Time Series models in Real World Scenarios..

Supply Chain Design and Planning with Excel & Python.

Learn transport network design, Last mile delivery and Production scheduling with excel & Python.

Python and Data Handling for Everyone 2021 Mastery Bootcamp

Learn and build your Python Programming skills from the ground up in addition to Python Data Science libraries and tools

Data Analytics Real-World Projects in Python

Build a Portfolio of 5 Data Analysis Projects with Plotly,Folium,TextBlob,Geopy & Many more & get a job of Data Analyst

Time Series Analysis Real world use-cases in python

Learn how to Solve real World Business Problems. ,Build Time Series Models for Time Series Analysis & Forecasting

Time Series Analysis Real World Projects in Python

Learn how to Solve 3 real Business Problems. Build Robust AI ,Time Series Models for Time Series Analysis & Forecasting

The SQL Programming Essentials 2021 Immersive Training

Learn SQL Programming step by step and know how it works. Building, Accessing and Manipulating databases and tables

Learn NoSQL Databases - Complete MongoDB Bootcamp 2021

Start your career with NoSQL Databases in this complete bootcamp | Master MongoDB and go from Beginner to pro.

Spatial Analysis & Geospatial Data Science in Python

Learn how to process and visualize geospatial data and perform spatial analysis using Python.

Power BI: Advanced Data Transformations and Modeling

Learn how to clean, optimize and model data tables to develop effective, insightful and actionable Power BI reports

Data Analysis Real world use-cases- Hands on Python

Build a Portfolio of 5 Data Analysis Projects with Python, Seaborn, Pandas, Plotly, Folium, TextBlob ,Geopy & Many more

Guide to Careers in Data Science - Interview Hacks (2021)

An Amazing Interview Preparation guide that includes questions & answers for people with NO experience in Data Science

Investment Portfolio Optimization with Excel & R

Understand and Operationalize Markowitz´s Portfolio Theory with Excel´s Solver Add-in & R´s fPortfolio Package

Mastering DAX Calculations in Power BI

Create advanced analytical models by learning how to harness the power of DAX calculations for use within Power BI

Neural networks for autoencoders and recommender systems

How to build autoencoders and recommender systems with neural networks. Machine learning hands on data science class